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7 Steps for Maximizing e-Procurement User Adoption and Cost Savings Within Your Organization

7 Steps for Maximizing e-Procurement User Adoption and Cost Savings Within Your Organization
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Cracking the Government Contract Code, Part III: Eight Insider Tips from Small Business Experts

By John Dixon

Believe it or not, selling the government is not as difficult! Like any procurement officer or manager they want to procurement order off their desk. Once you have all your credentials (DUNS, CCR, OCBR, WEBSITE, EIN, BANK ACCOUNT), write a capability statement and posted to your website. For an example, http://www.applecapitalgroup.com/Capability_Statement.html take a look at ours for guidance or type capability statement in Google for more examples. You always want to make sure you make it easy for the procurement officer or manager, you are a solutions provider that is going to make their jobs easier to manage.

There are plenty of companies you can go buys leads on government procurement officers phone and email and get solicitation leads, the best is just go to www. Fbo.gov and look for the category you want to see too and pick up the phone and call the officer – they are friendly and easy to talk to. Some of them are ex-military and some in the military to if you serve, you have something to talk about and you immediately have their interest. Others are career officers, you want a company or supplier to make their jobs easier and if you have it you have them.

Remember, you have a solution and you are able to fulfill it for the officer. They are going to ask for you for your capability statement, offer it to them and direct them to your website site. Make sure you are registered in CCR, have your DUNS and EIN credentials before taking to them to make thing go faster, they might be able to offer you a micro order on the spot if they like you. Always, have a way for them to contact you immediately if they have something, email, fax, IM, text, cell phone numbers, etc.  If will have more information available over the next few days about cracking the government contract code. If you have questions, please reach out to us.