Creating a Web Based Business The Works: Part 3

Creating a Web Based Business The Works Part 1Creating a Web Based Business The Works: Part 3

You are most likely coming here as a follow up to my advanced series articles on creating an online business. Today we are going to cover some additional advanced tips to enhance your web site. Creating a Web Based Business The Works: Part 3

Now that you have your ads running nicely, you will need to monitor traffic that visits your site. A few important factors to keep in mind are as follows:

* How long does a visitor stay on your site?
* What percentages of your visitors browse your site?
* What conversions are you getting from each landing page?
* Unique visitors versus repeat visitors

I want to repeat the cycle that is very important to understand. You want your keywords to bring visitors to the specific landing page that highlights what they are looking for. Put your self in their shoes. Imagine what you would be looking for if you typed a particular keyword in a search engine such as Google and give it to them. If they want to look around after that wonderful, but our goal is to get them to what they want quickly. No one wants to have to look around to find what they want. If we see and ad, we want to get information pertaining to what was in the ad when we click on it.

I would suggest monitoring your keywords on a regular basis ensuring that the traffic being brought to your site is relevant. You may need to use some negative keywords to minimize (PPC) Paid Per Click advertising cost. For example if you have a keyword called work at home, you could get traffic from someone typing in assembly work at home. You can simply put assembly in as a negative keyword and that would prevent them from being directed to your site and you being charged for the click. You can easily see the fine-tuning process that needs to continue on a regular basis. Creating a Web Based Business The Works: Part 3

On a regular basis you will need to fine-tune the following areas:

* Keywords, adding, removing and using negative keywords
* (PPC) Paid Per Click, monitor and keep bids to a minimum
* Conversion rate on campaign ads
* Move best converting programs to hot spots
* Ensure you have a newsletter so you can keep track of your visitors
Over the years I have found many online tools that make this process easier. In the beginning I spent a lot of time doing this on a regular basis, but either way it was time well spent. Creating a Web Based Business The Works: Part 3

I hope you have enjoyed my article series on this topic. There is so much valuable information that is to be learned. I learn daily when working with my site, however having owned business before I can tell you it’s worth it. My time spent working has decreased, money increased and I enjoy life much more. I wish you the best. Just remember it will take time and effort to build a successful online business. Creating a Web Based Business The Works: Part 3

Please feel free to read both this article or one of my many others by visiting my link in the resource box below. I always enjoy getting emails pertaining to my articles or my site. Your feedback is important to me. Creating a Web Based Business The Works: Part 3


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