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Purchasing A New Phone Systems

Purchasing A New Phone Systems
Purchasing a business phone system is not an easy endeavor, but with the right mind set and a little knowledge about business telephones, you can find a viable, budget friendly solution to your business’ communication needs.
One of the first decisions you will need to make is whether or not to go with a key system or a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system. Depending on how many individual stations you need and how rapidly you expect your company to grow, one of these two options should fit the bill.
PBX systems work well for larger companies or those who expect to grow substantially in the upcoming years. At one time, PBX systems were considered to offer the best functionality and enable you to enjoy more features than key systems, although that has changed a lot in recent years. Now, for the most part, the biggest difference between the two types of systems is simply that PBX systems will allow for more stations than key systems. Of course, they are also more expensive.

For smaller business with less than thirty to forty employees, a key system might be a better choice. Key systems offer, for the most part, the same features that PBX systems offer but can be substantially cheaper. For businesses on the fringe, however, it pays to go with a PBX. If your company were to expand beyond the level of what your key system can handle, you would have to replace the entire system.
Whether purchasing a key system or PBX, professional installation will be necessary and is often just as costly as the phone system itself, so be sure to factor that into your budget. Also consider your leasing situation if your company doesn’t own its own building. You don’t want to pay for an expensive install only to have to change locations soon after.
Ask your retail or wholesale phone system dealer for more detailed information on the types of systems available to you, including expansion options. He or she should be willing and able to guide you in making the right purchase for your business.

Ideas on Purchasing a Business Phone Systems

Ideas on Purchasing a Business Phone Systems
After recently updating our office phone system, I have a few pieces of advice to share about purchasing an office phone system. We thought we did enough research to make this a simple purchase and installation, but found out later that we really had little idea of what we were getting into. This, in itself, wouldn’t be so bad, but the phone supplier we went with flatly refused to help us out after the sale. We ended up having to contact another vendor for the information we needed to make our new phones function properly.

First, and let me stress this; always contact the vendor prior to the purchase. Not only do you want to know who you are dealing with, you need to know if it is someone who can and will answer your questions and who will stand behind the products they sell.

Second, always go with a vendor who has more than one option for phone systems. We found out after we had already purchased our new phones and equipment that there were phones on the market which would have served our specific needs better and would have cost less than the phones we went with.

Third, always think about compatibility. We thought that because we had purchased the same brand of phone, that we could simply switch out the new phones for the old ones and that our line equipment would never notice. We did ask the supplier before the purchase if there would be compatibility issues and were told, “it should be fine”. That should have set off a red flag, but one likes to assume that someone selling phones might know a thing or two about them. See rule number one.

Finally, do a healthy amount of comparison shopping. We went with the first supplier because he was the cheapest of three that we had looked at. Three was nowhere near enough. We found out after it was too late that the vendor we contacted for help had the same phones for cheaper (although he would have been kind enough to steer us toward what we really needed) and offered far superior customer service.

In short, purchasing a new office phone system, whether you have five lines or five hundred, is a big investment. Follow the step that we didn’t, and you’ll save a lot of time, money and effort.  You’ll be glad you did.

Office Phone System: Know How Important It Is To Your Operation

Office Phone System: Know How Important It Is To Your OperationOffice Phone System: Know How Important It Is To Your Operation

Office Phone System: Know How Important It Is To Your Operation. Because of a recent boom in business, my company needed to update our office phone system. We had a very nice system in place already, but our business had tripled within a matter of months. Since we rely on phone orders for the vast majority of our sales, we needed to upgrade in order to handle the increase in call volume. We were lucky to have a great relationship with our telephone equipment provider, as within days we were able to have a new system ready to put in place. It’s not often that businesses find themselves in situations like this, but when they do come up, it’s important to know that the companies you have chosen to do business with are capable of meeting your needs in a timely manner.

Prior to this happening, we had a trunk study performed, after which we were told that we were losing business as a result of not having a new phone system in place. Anyone who has ever run a business knows that losing money because you are ill equipped to handle your customer’s needs is the worst way to lose money. Being able to make a phone call and knowing it would be taken care of quickly and efficiently was a great relief to me. I knew that with every passing day, thousands of dollars were being lost and that’s something I couldn’t afford to let happen. The whole situation made me think about the importance of knowing qualified vendors who can get you the products you need, when you need them. Office Phone System: Know How Important It Is To Your Operation

I soon began looking into other areas where we were dependent upon other companies for goods and services to see if we were utilizing vendors who could facilitate the changes our growing business was experiencing. After a long, hard look, we decided to switch shipping companies and to switch to a new overnight call center operator. It’s not that our needs weren’t being met at the time, but that if things continued to grow, we would likely outpace our current vendor’s ability to provide service. Being proactive in your business relationships is just as important as being proactive about your business. After all, most companies depend on other companies to make their operations run smoothly. I encourage all business owners to seek out the service providers and vendors that can handle your needs both now and in the future. When your business grows, you’ll be happy you did. Office Phone System: Know How Important It Is To Your Operation